Thoughts about GWOP internship

setembro 8, 2011 § Deixe um comentário

My internship at GNOME is over since August 23rd, but it was only possible to write about it now.

In a way, I accomplished to all my tasks. Of course, they changed a lot along the way, but, in general lines, one can say I consistently contributed to Accerciser (docs + code) and Libatspi.

During the last week of my internship, my grad classes have started at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), and they’re pretty much what I’m up to at the moment. Of course, in my spare time, I’ll keep on contributing with Accerciser. By the way, my first after-internship task is making GTK+ H/V deprecations.

Endorsing Javier Antúñez’ mantra, “Just 15 minutes a day for better accessibility”!!


Reviewing libatspi docs and going back to Accerciser

agosto 13, 2011 § Deixe um comentário

Last week some people from the a11y team helped me reviewing the libatspi docs, and now they’re much better.  I would like to specially thank my mentor Joanmarie Diggs and at-spi2 maintainer Mike Gorse. You rock! Again, you can check my documentation patches here.

With their help, I could find go back to Accerciser earlier. After some struggling with the new pygi-gtk3 branch, things are working pretty well here. I’ll help Accerciser maintainer Javier Antuñez with this new version’s development, initially with the plugins. Stay tuned for more updates on that!

Libatspi beta documentation done

agosto 5, 2011 § Deixe um comentário

Yes, that’s the post title. Though I had written in a previous post that I would work on that only after some Accerciser tasks, things changed.

My mentor (Joanmarie Diggs) told me that, different from Accerciser, the Libatspi documentation has some desirable, tighter deadlines. Et voilà: that’s why I changed my task order. Anyway, I wrote patches for all need-improvement items and they’re going to be/are being evaluated by Mike Gorse and Joanmarie Diggs.

Any help is welcome! If you have the time to help me reviewing 1, 2, or 1000 (kidding) patches, here they are!

After finishing the reviews and committing the patches, I’ll restart working on my Accerciser plan. 🙂

GWOP mid-term evaluation – Go go go Accerciser!

julho 18, 2011 § 3 Comentários

If you’re reading this blog, you know I’m currently working as an intern for the GNOME A11y team via the GNOME Women Outreach Program.  The first half of my internship is over and I’m pretty sure I’ve learnt a lot about Accessibility and Documentation. Oh! I didn’t learn much about Python, since I had already coded in this language, but I guess I solved some pretty useful bugs for Accerciser. 🙂

On the documentation hand, I wrote a mallardized, topic-based guide for Accerciser, which has already been translated for a couple of languages. On the programming hand, I solved a reasonable amount of Accerciser bugs and did some enhancements. You can check these clicking on bugzilla links here and here. Guess it was a quite productive, useful time!

What’s next?

From now on, I’ll focus on the following tasks (ordered by priority):

  • Propose solution for Detach plugin tabs without any reason
  • Help Javier (Accerciser maintainer) with the pygi-pygtk3 Accerciser version he’s working on
  • Improve documentation for libatspi
  • Implement some code to the Interface Viewer interfaces that don’t have any: Desktop, Hyperlink, Login Helper, and Collection.

I’m quite sure they’ll keep me busy until the rest of my internship. 😉

See you!

More plans for Accerciser

julho 7, 2011 § 2 Comentários

I solved the buglist I had set for Accerciser, besides testing and sending some more patches. I’ll keep working for Accerciser and here are the next steps:

Besides working for Accerciser, I’ll keep an eye on documentation. Right now I’m helping with the Accessibility wiki, analysing which pages are deprecated, which are ok, which need small fixes, which should be removed etc. It’s being great to develop a broader view about GNOME’s Accessibility Team and Tasks. After that, I’ll give pyatspi2 documentation a shot. It’s going to be much more challenging than the Accerciser docs (or so it seems), but I’m quite sure it’ll make me understand much more about the low-level abstractions that support Accessibility currently. So it’s worth it. 😉

And that’s it for the moment. 🙂

Working on Accerciser’s bugs

junho 27, 2011 § 3 Comentários

Last week was shorter than usual since I had a thursday-friday holiday here in Brazil. Nevertheless, it was a quite productive time!

As I had pointed out here, my following tasks with Accerciser involve its bugs. So I examined the entire Accerciser’s buglist, tested all of its entries and provided feedback for each of them to Javier Antúnez, Accerciser’s co-maintainer. This feedback indicates which bugs should be closed, which are confirmed, which are not exactly bugs, which involve patches that need to be tested etc etc.

I also assigned some preliminary bugs for me:

And that’s it. Wish me luck with these bugs! 😀

First version of Accerciser docs released

junho 20, 2011 § 6 Comentários

After many reviews, a topic-based, mallardized documentation for Accerciser is ready. Check the patches here (or clone it here and go to docs/accerciser). Another result of this work is a wiki with useful information for Accerciser Validator errors. The latter is a work in progress.

Documenting Accerciser in details made me read all of its code, write little patches, sharpen my English abilities, among other things. Now it’s time to move on and give more love to this awesome tool! How do I intend to do it? Fixing bugs and adding new functionalities. The plan is still in progress, but some things I’m commited with are:

  • review bugs in bugzilla for classify/close/reassign/etc.
  • assign myself to some prior bugs and close them
  • remove dependencies that are no longer used
  • it seems some Interface Viewer interfaces don’t show any code at the moment (collection, desktop, hyperlink, and login helper). It must be verified and, if confirmed, fixed

After that, I’ll update all Accerciser-related wikis. I would like to thank the a11y community for everything – in particular, Joanie and Javi. Without Joanie’s reviews, these docs would be much worse. Without Javi’s orientation, I wouldn’t know which would be the best place to dive into Accerciser’s code. You rock, guys!

And that’s all for now, folks!

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