Thoughts about GWOP internship

setembro 8, 2011 § Deixe um comentário

My internship at GNOME is over since August 23rd, but it was only possible to write about it now.

In a way, I accomplished to all my tasks. Of course, they changed a lot along the way, but, in general lines, one can say I consistently contributed to Accerciser (docs + code) and Libatspi.

During the last week of my internship, my grad classes have started at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), and they’re pretty much what I’m up to at the moment. Of course, in my spare time, I’ll keep on contributing with Accerciser. By the way, my first after-internship task is making GTK+ H/V deprecations.

Endorsing Javier Antúñez’ mantra, “Just 15 minutes a day for better accessibility”!!


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