First day of internship at GNOME Women

maio 24, 2011 § 12 Comentários

I’m very happy to start working at GNOME! Today, though, I had many problems to install GNOME 3.

GNOME 3 and GTK3 will be important to my internship, but I still didn’t get it working in my computer… :-/ I’ll keep trying tomorrow – this time, with Debian. If you have any tips about instaling GTK 3 and/or GNOME 3 at a Debian-like system, that would be very very helpful!

Even with these problems, I had some very useful moments today. Joanmarie Diggs, one of my mentors, and me discussed about my first code contribution. We decided not to do a demo per se, but a custom widget. It’s going to be an extension to math strings, like those we generate when using a calculator, so a person that can’t see much can understand what was written and correct it – and then, get the result.

We’ll use GTK3, ATK and MathML. I’m really anxious to start coding, but I can’t do that until I get GTK3 running well. But I’m hopeful! Hope to get it working tomorrow. 🙂

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  • Max disse:

    I’d encourage you to try Fedora 15 tomorrow — brand new distro, fresh off the presses, including GNOME 3 by default.

  • alinebessa disse:

    Yeah… I asked a friend with a better connection than mine to download the iso for me. At home, it says I’ll spend 23 hours to download it, which is much more time than I can spend with it… :-/

  • Marina disse:

    I’d like encourage you to use Fedora 15 too. Downloading the Live CD will be much faster than downloading the Install DVD because the latter has many optional programs that you can instead selectively install later. The Live CD will have an option to install to your hard drive among the default launchers in the overview.

  • Arief disse:

    Hi Aline,

    If you’re using Debian, the easiest way to get gnome3 and gtk3 packages is by using testing/unstable and maybe also experimental (although now most gnome3 packages are already in testing/unstable).

    I got them that way.

    I’ve also manage to successfully build gnome3 with jhbuild using testing/unstable.

    I hope you’re having fun at it 🙂

    All the best.

  • liberforce disse:

    I wish you a lot of fun with your internship, sound exciting !

    Boa sorte 😉

  • Tomaz disse:

    Meninaline, Porque não tenta o Arch Linux? ele é rolling release, e tem os pacotes mais atualizados possiveis pra gtk 3 e gnome 3.

  • alinebessa disse:

    Tomaz, eu tentaria sim. O lance é que preciso instalar isso ASAP (tipo hoje), daí tou apelando pra quem pode baixar imagem rápido e/ou já tem cd, saca?


  • Tomaz disse:

    na ufba não tem net rápida? a instalação do arch é pequena ( +- 100mbs ) mas depois tem que instalar o x e o gnome, mas é fácil pra quem já tem alguma experiência com o linux. debian é uma distro quebrada por padrão ( bibliotecas muito antigas na versão estavel, e a versão instavel, é… instavel. )

  • Bacana, Aline =) Eu uso GNOME3 no Debian unstable, se precisar de ajuda pergunta lá no #debian-gnome na

  • Mika Rastas disse:

    I am running Gnome3 from Debian experimental. It is usable in day to day use.

    I run Debian unstable on the same machine as a backup that I use when I run in to trouble with experimental.

    I think I just installed it and the latest Debian kernel and nvidia drivers with the Synaptic package manager. Remember to take also the kernel headers as there seemed to be a problem with the dependencies there.

    Hope you have a nice time hacking on Gnome3!

  • Asrail disse:

    Debian unstable isn’t so unstable. It’s more stable than Ubuntu and more updated.

    Anyway, if you would only develop using jhbuild or an unstable version of gnome3 would be enough, but since you will work with accessibility aspects, a stable distro bundled with gnome3 sounds the way to go.

    Good luck with Fedora 15 and you can install Debian and its gnome3 packages or use jhbuild if you need it.

    Some other intern posted some help about using jhbuild.
    You can even use jhbuild on gnome, it works and you would got a “gnome3 shell” by using “jhbuld shell” and working there.

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