GNOME Women Outreach 2011!

maio 3, 2011 § 11 Comentários

GNOME Women Outreach Internships

I’ve been using GNOME since 2006 almost exclusively. This year, I decided to submit an application for working on the Documentation Project through GNOME Women. Considering some of the tasks, I decided to write a project for helping the generation of software adapted to people with disabilities.
The accessibility tasks grabbed my attention because I do believe that this issue should get more popular in applications. We’re always talking about digital inclusion but we all know that this is not just a matter of money. Many people just can’t use a computer properly if it’s not adapted to their disabilities and I have no doubts that this isn’t a less important topic.

A week ago, I had the pleasure of being approved to the program and my work with GNOME will be the first main topic of this blog. Once the program is over, I’ll keep on posting here (about GNOME, Machine Learning, Computer Science in general etc etc). I’ll make as much effort as possible to update it twice a week. 🙂

What am I going to do to accomplish my project?

From May 23 to August 22, I’ll be a full-time intern in accessibility/documentation projects. My tasks? To generate demos and docs that will facilitate the generation of software adapted to people with disabilities. Using, of course, GNOME libraries such as GTK + and ATK. 🙂

It’s going to be a very rich experience, since I’ll be programming and documenting. Also, I’ll be working with two GNOME teams: accessibility (a11y) and docs. My mentors throughout the process will be Joanmarie Diggs and David Bolter.

See you later, alligator

And that’s it for now. Congratulations to everybody that was accepted either in the program or in GSoC projects related to GNOME!

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